“Rise Like Fire” (2014) Lyrics

Song sheet for the Infernal Revolution:

Cover copy

6th of December

Poseidon he damned this dry land never to retain bodies of water

The IMF retains the plan, leads by the hand, right to the slaughter

Forgotten rising from the sand, this is the land, democracy was born here

It will also die here

The Empire opens up its eyes, it’s no surprise what has arisen

The workers find the nerve to speak, students take the streets, inmates break the prisons

The politics has been unmasked the eyes look past and see through the teargas

The spirit of Greece is released, coming from beneath, to face the beast

(Chorus) Remember, remember the 6th of December, Athena released with one shot

I see of no reason why the insurrection should ever be forgot

Pan plays his flute forlorn for what was born, and what will die here

The muses call to Hephaestus and Nemesis to forge and conspire

The weapon firmly in their hands, forgotten take a stand against gods and liars

The power lies within, so let’s begin to put them to the fire

(repeat chorus)

Our Black Rose

From the camp of Red Hugh O’Donnell, to the streets of old Cairo

there’s a hope that streams forth like a brook we must try to follow home

We must crawl back through the years and scale the centuries

Do not fear my dear, do not lose hope, for we will find our black rose

There’s a girl not far from the camp, her hair as dark as night

and her skin so fair save them cheeks of rose, but don’t you dare look in her eyes

Just look up to the sky, which is almost as deep a blue

lest you spend your days crashing through the waves for a taste of our black rose

(Chorus) Oh won’t you hold your head high my Little Red, wipe that teardrop from my eye

I hear a cheer five hundred years from here, cannons ripping through the sky

oh red lightning come boil in my blood, place that scent upon my nose

for where it goes oh nobody knows, but there’s hope in our black rose

Caught her scent by a barricade, that was burning in Spain

Saw her shadow in Johannesburg, caught her print in Patagonia’s plain

Followed her tracks straight through to Moscow, there frozen over by a flood

for our black rose she drinks from our tears where we drown her in our blood

(Repeat chorus)

Don’t mind the boots in Derry, nor the tracks through Baghdad sand

Do not fear the fences of Arizona, nor the chains that bind your hands

See straight through prison bars, the pope’s wine runs red for you too

And there’s Irish ale there to share by the pale, where we find our black rose

(Repeat chorus)

This is Our Boat

Berkman’s building bridges on the bridge of the boat

Bolsheviks and Russian rebels on the ocean float

Captain count your captives close and eye your exiles

’cause Berkman’s got your soldiers and sailors on the bridge of the boat

Sasha says the soldiers and the sailors say they see

We’re all on the same ship and we all wanna be free

Enlisted men and deportees on a prison floating out to sea

Sasha says, “Go get your guns. We’re gonna mutiny.”

(Chorus) Now this might be your prison, and this might be your world

You might have designs on the hearts and minds over every boy and every girl

And this might be your ocean, and now I don’t mean to gloat

But we’re standing on the bridge of the Buford, this is our boat

Well federal inspector Berkshire brought an order from the Colonel guy

The order simply said “Submit” and boy did that get a rise

The deportees did not stand down because they knew how to organize

They said “Sasha’s the only Colonel we recognize.”

So the colonel sent for Sasha and he met him there at the door

Said, “If I only give the order that destroyers gonna send us to the ocean floor

You all cry for more, you bold and you poor, don’t you know that we’re in a war?

I’ll be glad to leave you rotting in Russia at the end of this tour.”

(Repeat Chorus)

Freedom and Equality

Hunger glows like coals in the bottoms of our souls

shoes are pocked with holes, do you feel the street?

Sorrow scars and stains with the stresses and the pain

you can read it on the faces that you meet

From slavery to poverty, war, hunger, and disease

the kings refuse to cure because their governed by their greed, so

(Chorus) I fight for anarchy ’cause I love humanity

and we deserve freedom and equality

Out beyond the dawn, like the verses of a song

before long and growing stronger there’s a day

The sun will rise like fire and burn out all the liars

her rays will chase the shadows all away

There’s a hundred million problems in this world that are wrong

and if we want to right them then we gotta fight strong, so



Four men swinging in the wind. (x2)

Hey Mama, did they go down to Haymarket?

Was that their only sin?

They fought to bring us eight hours. The general strike, for eight hours

But the state devours when it can win

Bullets and batons are their power

(Chorus) The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you throttle today

They killed some strikers at McCormick’s, so in the papers the anarchists

swore they’d tear the rich down from their high tower

Called a meeting at Haymarket

The mayor said all was quiet. Police, go home. There’ll be no riot

But Bonfield sent his men in there to crack some skulls

Dead bodies gathered there in piles

(Repeat Chorus)

They called the rebels instigators. Make raids now look up laws later

And hang one man for every hour

Make examples of their leaders

Five men waiting on the gallows (x2)

Grave Digger, dig them graves shallow

They’ll be rising up tomorrow

Now there’s four men swingin’ in the wind. Four men swingin’ in the wind

Only two were even down at Haymarket

It’s not the end it’s the beginning. (x3)

Remember, we are the beginning.

Away from the Charles

I was a child in Franklin with the farms and the factories

grew up in Norfolk with the woods and the fields

Became a man in Brighton with the pubs and the people

now here I am in the land of the steel

(Chorus) Away from the Charles, away from the Charles

Never for so long so far from her shores (x2)

The three rivers of Pittsburgh are broad and majestic

so deep at the bottom they flow to the west

Twice the size and the fury of the meandering Charles

whose wandering charms run in streams through my chest

(Repeat Chorus)

Many a bridges they have here in Pittsburgh

They say more bridges than Venice they have

But I’d trade ’em all in for one night on my river

staring down at the lights from the bridge on Mass. Ave.

(Repeat Chorus)

Many a nights we spent down at the Charles

drinking and smoking and laughing ’til dawn

I dream of those friends and the moonlight and magic

when I close my eyes they’re here singing along

(Repeat Chorus)

Infernal Anthem (The Sun’s Gonna Set: Part 2)

US out of Afghanistan, US out of Iraq

US out of the Middle East, leave now and never come back

And I’ll light the way on with my draft card, to burn the recruiters all down

Fellow workers don’t fight other workers, no it’s time to turn those guns around

(Chorus) The war on terrorism is the symptom of the disease

and our movement shall be an Infernal Machine

Consider us the Huns, consider us the Visigoths

either way we’ve come to smash these walls until the Empire falls

We’ve come to smash your empire

US out of New England, yea we’re taking the entire Northeast

US out of North America, well it’s time now the toilers will feast

And we’ll lead the way on with our strike song, we workers we won’t work for you

And the soldiers will fight for the people, they won’t kill who the rich want them to, and there’ll be

No more masters and no more slaves

We’ll keep on fighting. We’ll see that new day. Yea, there’ll be

no more masters as soon as us slaves have our way

(repeat Chorus)

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura

Oh, it was a dark time in Spain

Storm clouds always gather thick before the rain

and in his hands he found a gun, and to his friends he was the one

he was the peoples’ favorite son, he fought on behalf them

Bullets flying towards the priest, and the beast it gnashed its teeth

chased the friends onto the street and to the world they were released

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, you gave it a try

You’ll come back to us when its time

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, when you close your eyes,

all your people are there inside

Hijos del Pueblo, more precious than a pearl

running fugitive from the world

Back at home the jackboots fall, and the friends they heed the call

Slip back in, commence the brawl, sent straight to the prison walls

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, it’s been a good ride

You’ll come back to us when it’s time

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, when you close your eyes,

all your people are there inside

Spanish people go retrieve your stolen sons and daughters

The fascists in the barracks are ready for the slaughter

The anarchists unleash their guns, the workers rise, the fascists run

and giving chase the people come, militia of revolution

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, you live by the gun

You’ll come back to us, when we’ve won

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, under the sun

grows the sweet fruits of revolution

The world ignores the cries of the Spanish people

Them reds and anarchists are burning down the steeples

November storm clouds come around, and fascist bombs break Madrid’s ground

but when our hero comes to town, Buenaventura is shot down

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, you gave it a try

You’ll come back to us when its time.

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, the day that you died

all your people laid down and cried

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, it’s been a good ride

You’ll come back to us when it’s time

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, the day that you died

all your people laid down and cried

Passing By

Well I work with a man named Karma who’s had a bad run of it himself

he spends his days rolling sushi trays while his heart hangs on the shelf

and at lunch time we lay down our grinding stones and talk of wealth

and that which might have become of us if we could find some if it ourselves

Back in Nepal one day a girl called Karma on the phone

it had been a wrong number, but toward each other their hearts roamed

but she’d been arranged to marry and left Karma all alone

so he moved away to the USA and his heart he left back home

Well Karma, what will you ever do if you won the lottery?

Would you move back home to Nepal and live all easily and free?

He said I don’t bother dreaming about what will happen to me

and the glistening skies behind his eyes offered no apology

(Chorus) Well the scenes of our lives pass you by, don’t close your eyes

Cause the seasons of time keep passing by

Well my Momma she tries to buy me clothes because mine are full of tears

at Christmas time my stocking’s full of socks in matching pairs

Well Momma save your money, oh it’s good to know you care!

But I’m more concerned with who I am than I am with what I wear

And I’ve got family all around me, I’ve got friends in every square

I’ve got comrades in my corners and you know we all dream to dare

And on New Year’s day it’ll be safe to say this last year’s in the past

So let’s drink this time like it’s precious wine and enjoy it while it lasts

Remember me when I’m gone and the life that I have lived

for heaven lies not above the skies but in the hearts and minds of friends

and on that day I hope they say he was true ’til the end

when my ashes hit the soil, let life begin again



I was just as old as you back in 1692

on a slave ship under the whip, way out where the salt winds blew

then rising on the horizon, the ships with white sails flying,

how surprising were the pirates of Libertalia

They came like lightning over the sides and all around me there was fighting

and they’re declaring right before me to be enemies of slavery

they said, “We are Liberi.” and they set everyone free, even me, even me

Listen children, close your eyes and you can see it’s not that far

the white sails cut through the fog to the shores of Madagascar

and their Captain said “Son listen, that land there in the distance

is the garden we call Libertalia.”

Captain Misson had a vision, my children won’t you listen

a decision such as this one shan’t be left to a politician

and if each man is equal in this land, there’ll be no drawing lines in the sand

so they built an earthly heaven here on Libertalia

(Outro) And I can still see them on a sunny afternoon

the dogs are a sleeping, and the boys are singing a tune

and when the sun comes down, like wolves we’ll howl at the moon

the girls are a dancing, the chef stirs with a silver spoon

And if the kings come here, they’re bound to meet their ruin

and if the queens come here, the wolves are sure to croon

and if any prince comes here, the rats will swing and swoon

if the admiral comes here, we’ll dunk him like a loon

long after we’ve rotten, we’ll still be singing this tune

with the corpse of Caraccioli, and the ghost of Thomas Tew

Leaving Town

Watching your friends all slipping away, this city looks different every day

and you know what they say, there just ain’t no way to stay the winds of change

We’ll never all be here together again, this moment in time will inevitably end

and I’ll miss you my friends and we’ll break and we’ll bend, but we’ll always remember when

(Chorus) Everybody’s leaving town, getting up covering ground

We’re drinking that dirty water and we’re drowning in the sound

There ain’t nowhere better but there ain’t nowhere worse

And someday I’ll leave here too

The colleges spreading like cancerous cells, this neighborhood’s shrinking in this sickly spell

and you can just never tell in this transient hell if your landlord is gonna sell

The prices are up and the wages are down, how can anyone afford to live in this town?

When it’s ruled by the gown, the landlord wears the crown, if you can’t swim you’re bound to drown

(repeat chorus)

Say goodbye to the city, goodbye to the times, goodbye to the view from the unemployment line

There’s no reason or rhyme, there’s no justice, no crime in that picture framed in your mind

You’ll remember the people, remember the nights, remember the music beneath the bright lights

and forget all the fights and who’s wrong and who’s right, keep your memories, hold them tight

(repeat chorus)

Stock Boy Blues

The time has come to sing and to howl, from my tired soul to the depths of my bowels

The wolf’s out there, and he’s on the prowl, so we’d best be flocking, ‘cause we are the fowl

Been working all day since five AM, get on the bus, go home and then

get lost in a bottle, drown the noise in my head, so I can fall asleep, and do it all again

(Chorus) And I, I’ve got, got the stock boy blues

Them bosses been talking, been talking all day, ‘cause they’ll make their dollar any possible way

The economy’s hurting, at least that’s what they say, but the rich just get richer, it’s the poor who pay

I stand in a freezer unloading a truck, if I break my back, well I’m shit out of luck

They’re cutting our healthcare to save them a buck, when they make record profits ‘cause they don’t give a fuck

(Chorus) About us, we’ve all got, got the stock boy blues

Well they say we’re blessed to have us a job, but we’ve all been fooled, beaten down and robbed

Sure we need the bosses, like a maid needs a slob, like inmates need a jailer, like the poor need the cops

Well the day will come when us workers stand up, when we stand for each other, when we’ve all had enough

and in every restaurant, every yard, every shop, when we fold our arms, it’s the whole world that stops

Then our bosses will have the feeding themselves blues

The Shadow on the Wall

There are heroes among us, though we’d never have known

for life sets its path upon us as the wind decides to blow

and sometimes it gusts against you when the fire’s not enough

but your luck will turn. So, we could never give up

Your opponents may be giants, they say too tall to fall

but truth’s never so foreboding as the shadow on the wall

The arena may fill with darkness when you’re grasping for a light

Bring out your fight! We could never give up

(chorus) No matter what they throw at us, we could never give up

Keep your heart strong and your head up

We may taste the mud on our tongues, the sky’s dripping with blood

but the sun will rise, so we could never give up

If hell sets itself upon us, if the fault lines all erupt

If the ground drops out beneath us, will you say you’ve had enough?

And the black paint covers the wall like when death sets behind our eyes

but tonight we’ll rise. We could never give up

(repeat chorus)

There’s no light. Hard to cope. Hard to fight when there’s no hope

Winter comes, darkness grows, feed your fire, we could never give up

(repeat chorus)

Heaven is Livin’

We live in a rich land, we know how to reap its fruits

but you can’t pick the harvest without healthy roots

King Cash rules all, well that’s just what they say

we can create communism today

Well the party bureaucrats aren’t too sure ’bout all of that

they’ll have to take power, arrange their pawns on a map

but when they pick up that crown, they won’t be puttin’ back down

but the people don’t need politicians around

(Chorus) We can search high and low, we can trace the stars above

we can dive in the whiskey and fall into love

we can ponder the questions when the answer’s quite clear

Heaven is livin’ right here

I work in a store for a big company

and I eat quite well ’cause what we’re sharing is free

and what the bosses don’t know won’t hurt them anywhere

except for their wallets and we don’t frankly care

there’s a managing class that can’t manage worth shit

the point of it’s profit an that’s just what they get

we give them our lives and they throw us away

it’s time to create communism today

(Repeat Chorus)

All we need to realize is the world’s already ours

Well what will we leave to our beloved little ones

a world full of cancer, corruption, and guns?

There’s a new way inside us just begging to be born

Siblings are you ready to weather the storm

(Repeat Chorus)


Well it was rising from the east like some long forgotten sun

them reds are coming back again, time to get your gun

and he rode right off the screen into this quiet old ghost town

the sun was high, his shadow gone, he drew up both pistols

(Chorus) Ronald Reagan’s dead, yea RRID

Take the flags down, gonna burn them high above our head

RRID, he was a national hero, fought the commies and protected corporate interests, yea

What about the Sandinistas, what about the Contra Wars? What about the striking workers, what about the nation’s poor? No day of mourning for the victims of his wars

If he’s a cowboy, then I’m a bandit, and we’re coming down from these hills

we’re gonna crack open a bank and drink in the memory

He was the last fucking fascist cowboy until Alzheimer’s ate his brain

I hope the next president goes out like that ‘cause they’re all really fucking insane

(Repeat Chorus)

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